PRINTER’S ERROR: Irreverent Stories from Book History

My book on books, PRINTER’S ERROR, is now available via HarperCollins.


Iconoclastic Bibliophilia

My co-author is J.P. Romney (author of THE MONSTER ON THE ROAD IS ME), and for those of you who listen to our podcast (Biblioclast), you ought to have a sense of what this combination means: nerdy jokes, quirky history, and iconoclastic bibliophilia.

Irreverent Stories from Book History

The book is subtitled “Irreverent Stories from Book History.” In it you’ll learn:

  • How the artist and poet William Blake learned a new engraving technique from dream conversations with his dead brother.
  • How Ben Franklin systematically destroyed the business of a fellow printer – a printer who earlier had broken up Franklin’s engagement by telling the prospective bride’s parents that printing was not profitable.
  • How the first Gutenberg Bible was brought to America entirely by accident, much to the dismay of its new owner.
  • How publishers learned that certain words in a book’s title can help sales. Words like, I don’t know, “prostitute.”

And much more. I’m excited to share this with you, the fruit of many years of work, drawn from my experience and research in the world of rare books.

Find it:
Barnes & Noble
Public Library
Or your local independent bookstore



24 Comments Add yours

  1. Denny Dobry says:

    Rebecca, Congratulations on your upcoming publication! Enjoy your first BSI Dinner on Friday night.

    1. Thank you! (And yes, I am very much looking forward to the BSI Dinner.)

  2. Andy Kilpatrick says:

    How freaking wonderful, Rebecca. Will buy it as soon as i find it. Best. Andy

    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy it.

  3. Ginny Mapes says:

    I am ordering this book!

    1. Hooray! Thank you! And tell your friends.

  4. Andy Kilpatrick says:

    pre-ordered it on amazon. good luck with tons of sales.

  5. Gene says:

    Cool thank you


  6. Jay Cobb says:

    I will be buying this book!!

    1. Excellent, and appreciated.

  7. Henry Brennan says:

    Just placed an order on Amazon UK site, can’t wait to read it

    1. Thank you very much!

  8. Congratulations. Looks like fun!

  9. Thomas R. Place says:

    Rebecca looking forward to reading this book . Thank you for your great in put on Pawn Stars as well . I am A fan . love books esp. Civil War for our learning center and museum

  10. Congratulations , will the book be on CD.?

    1. Actually, yes, my co-author JP Romney will be recording the audiobook for it. I will add that link when I have it.

      Update: here’s the link.

  11. Tony Vital says:

    Rebecca congrats,
    I will be purchasing your book in the next couple of days , thanks again.

    Tony Vital

  12. Lynn Williamson says:


  13. David Wood says:

    Just placed a pre-order with Indigo, I can’t wait.

  14. Ken says:

    Dinner. Delightful.

  15. Chirantan Biswas says:

    rebecca,will this book come in India?

  16. Glenn Gilbreath says:

    Where can I get an autographed copy of this book?

    1. Contact Community Bookstore in Brooklyn – they often have signed copies.

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