The Biblioclast Podcast: A New Podcast by Rebecca Romney and JP Romney

I’m pleased to announce a new project that has been in the works for some time: a podcast on books the author JP Romney. We’re calling it the Biblioclast Podcast.

As a bibliophile who has dedicated her professional life to books, this podcast is one more facet of my primary message: books have made me very happy, and I want others to experience that same happiness.

Biblioclast Huck banner 2

Why “Biblioclast”?

Why, then, would we call it Biblioclast? Doesn’t that imply destruction of all we know and love?

Sometimes our reverence for great works of art gets in the way of seeing them for what they are: complex, breathing incarnations of our own brilliance and fallibility. We’re hoping to strip away the piety so that we can focus on the awe. We want to forget the pretension, forget the intellectual jockeying, forget what we should or shouldn’t think about these books. Instead, we just want to enjoy them.

Sometimes enjoying books means delight in a particular turn of phrase, or wonder at its landmark impact.

But other times, it means admiring how Dashiell Hammett infers that one of his characters is a sex slave by using an obscure term meant to slide under the radar of his editor. (It worked.)

We believe focusing on the humanity underneath the art—with all its foibles, inanity, pettiness, and passion—only enhances the brilliance that made us love the books in the first place.

Please come join us at the Biblioclast Podcast, where we are fighting book snobbery ten minutes at a time. (Forewarning: I wanted to say “fighting book snobbery one stupid joke at a time” but that was deemed too stupid of a joke. FYI, there are many stupid jokes.)

Listen to the first episode

Episode 01: Introduction to the Biblioclast Podcast


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you Mrs. Romney! I will definitely look into this.  Gary Parker 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  2. Christy Shannon says:

    Very cool idea. Book snobbery is the worst.

  3. David Vanderburg says:

    Interesting you would mention Dashiell Hammet. We viewed his gravesite at Arlington National Cemetery during our last visit to Washington D.C.

  4. jknovak760 says:

    Will you still be appearing on the show “Pawn Stars “?
    I hope so. You are my favorite expert.
    Wishing you success in all your endeavors.

    1. I appeared just last night on a new episode. Keep an eye out!

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