“We Would All Go to Jail If the Thing Were Published”: On How Lolita First Appeared in Print


Hello, readers. I wrote a blog post over at the Bauman Rare Books blog about the “time bomb” book Lolita. The “serious work” was happily taken on by a Paris publishing house specializing in “dirty books.” Take a moment to read it here.



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  1. Mr. CATSOE says:

    Excellent.. Well worth the read.. Both blog and book..!!

  2. sursin23 says:

    Always great work opposed by users don’t worry go ahead without fear.

  3. awax1217 says:

    I taught for thirty plus years. There was a lot that I could not talk about in class. Seventh grade in particular can be quicksand. Say the wrong thing and it can misinterpreted by a student and end up blowing up in your face. Sometimes it was done maliciously and sometimes innocently.

  4. great doc about this on u tube xx great blog by the way

  5. you are nice and lovely.

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