The other day I received an email indicating that I had made a mistake in identifying the book Crusade in Europe,by Dwight D. Eisenhower, featured on the “Cool as Ike” episode of Pawn Stars. Dutifully, I went back to double check my notes. All was well there. So I watched the segment again. And all was not well.


During the segment I said you could tell it was a first edition because there was no mention of additional printings on the copyright page. This statement is not true.


Earlier on that same day of filming, I was researching another book for which no mention of additional printings does indeed mean that it’s a first. When the cameras turned on, I accidentally mixed up the two books.


The Eisenhower book was simply a signed later printing—not a first printing, as implied by what I said. To be clear:


  1. This error does not change the value of the book in any way. The price I gave is still accurate, unrelated to my bibliographic mistake. Only the book’s status as a first printing needs to be revised.
  2. This was a mix up on my part as I was up in front of the cameras. I’m not a professional actor and I misspoke.


I can’t change what’s been aired, but I can do my best to ensure that the error is not repeated. A true first edition, first printing of the trade edition of Crusade in Europe will read as follows on the copyright page: “First edition after the printing of a limited edition of one thousand four hundred and twenty-six numbered copies, signed by the author.”


Sorry, folks. I’ll be careful in the future not to research unrelated bibliographies right before filming!


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  1. Phil A. Stein says:

    That probably explains the confused look on Chumlee’s face. I respect him for not correcting you on camera.

  2. Gordon Steffens says:

    Why did they print a limited edition of 1426 numbered copies? Is there some significance to that number?

    1. The most likely reason, which you see often with limited editions, is that they printed 1400 for release, and had separately negotiated another 26 for Eisenhower’s personal distribution.

  3. Luke says:

    I edited that scene; you can blame me!

    1. Ah, if only I could blame you! But, alas, you are innocent.

  4. It’s all good Rebecca, no worries. It’s not like a lot of people caught the mistake, you know?

    1. Oh, I don’t know… we’ll see if I get any tomatoes thrown at me during the next bookfair!

  5. Derek says:

    Hey Rebecca!

    I was wondering when you’re getting your own show? :-).

  6. Eric Bolton says:

    No worries, Rebecca. You are still the best book expert I’ve ever heard of, and I still am madly in love with you!!

  7. William Kelley says:

    I have a copy of that same book and there is no mention of edition. How do I know which edition my book is?

    Thank you,

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